Note: Information/registration for NASBC meetings are at the ASBCC website.

  • Market Research Working Group (Webcast 7/18/17)
  • Preparing for Your Agency Meetings (Webcast 7/25/17)
  • GovReady ConnectWorks Series: GSA's Multiple Awards Schedules (MAS) Program: To MAS or Not? (Webcast 7/26/17)
  • U.S. Department of State OSDBU: Small Business Networking Session (DC 8/2/17)
  • Nat'l Small Business Contracting Summit | Midwest Conference (Columbus, OH 8/17/17)
  • Introduction to BidMatch (Webcast 9/6/17)
  • Introduction to BidMatch (Webcast 10/4/17)
  • Preparing for Your Agency Meetings (Webcast 10/18/17)
  • National Small Business Federal Contracting Summit (DC 11/1/17)

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