Accountability in Small Business ContractingSmall business opportunities and government accountability are vital.

The National Association of Small Business Contractors is a strong, independent force working to open the doors to small business contracts and assure government accountability.

Small businesses are the backbone of American innovation and job creation. It is vital that government assure we have access to capital and markets and receive our fair share of government contracts.

This document from our "Accountability in Contracting Summit" provides an excellent example of the detailed information and advocacy the National Association of Small Business Contractors providers for all stakeholders.

Note: Information/registration for NASBC meetings are at the ASBCC website.

  • Market Research Working Group (Webcast 7/18/17)
  • Preparing for Your Agency Meetings (Webcast 7/25/17)
  • GovReady ConnectWorks Series: GSA's Multiple Awards Schedules (MAS) Program: To MAS or Not? (Webcast 7/26/17)
  • U.S. Department of State OSDBU: Small Business Networking Session (DC 8/2/17)
  • Nat'l Small Business Contracting Summit | Midwest Conference (Columbus, OH 8/17/17)
  • Introduction to BidMatch (Webcast 9/6/17)
  • Introduction to BidMatch (Webcast 10/4/17)
  • Preparing for Your Agency Meetings (Webcast 10/18/17)
  • National Small Business Federal Contracting Summit (DC 11/1/17)
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