NASBC | Leadership Team

Cris YoungCris Young, President
EVP, Hudson Fasteners
Ms. Young is the Executive Vice President of Hudson Fasteners, Inc. a 60 year old industrial wholesale supplier. Ms. Young has over 20 years experience in procurement and management in corporate and small business environments.  She and Hudson Fasteners were awarded the PTAP Small Business of the Year 2004 by the Long Island Development Center.

Margot Dorfman, VPMs. Dorfman is the CEO of the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce and a passionate advocate for opening the doors to opportunity for small business owners.  Ms. Dorfman regularly establishes outreach to federal ageny and congressional leaders to build bridges to opportunity between small business and federal contracts.  She is frequently called upon to provide testimony before Congress on behalf of small business owners and frequently facilitates NASBC meetings and events.

Terry Williams
Ms. Williams has many years of experience as a business owner active in government contracting and is a policy expert on small business federal contracting issues.  She works regularly to provide contracting reports, whitepapers, policy strategies and advice to association, congressional and agency leaders on policy issues of importance to small business contractors.

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Join the National Association of Small Business Contractors - and put us to work as a key asset on your business development team. We're an independent organization, driven only by the interests and needs of our members.  



The National Association of Small Business Contractors is the nations' leading trade association exclusively supporting the interests of America's proud small business contractors.

We work tirelessly to break down barriers to opportunity, bring small businesses access to information and connections, and provide a strong, powerful voice in Washington, DC and all across the United States.



The National Association of Small Business Contractors is the connecting point of the small business supplier community. We connect small business suppliers to key agencies, primes and business resources. And, we connect small business owners to one another for information sharing and teaming partnerships.

Every day our leadership takes steps to foster, drive and leverage connections to open the doors to increased opportunities for small business suppliers. That's why we say, "Get Connected Here!"


The National Association of Small Business Contractors has developed a powerful set of resources to foster the growth of our community. These include our online community (the Small Business Contractors's Forum), NASBC | Board of Experts, meetings and events, business tools, and key connections to regional and national resource providers.


Advocacy is vitally important for small business suppliers. We must always be aware of the deep pockets leveraged by our big business competitors to block us from our fair share of contracting dollars. Working together we have power - and that's what the NASBC is all about. We are the strong, clear, independent voice of small business contractors -- advocating for opportunities and fair access to government contracting opportunities.


Government and Prime Contractor Representatives and Resource Providers

Government representatives and prime contractors, we welcome your participation at NASBC and the Small Business Contractors' Forum. We NEVER put financial barriers in place as a condition of your participation. We realize the top objective we share is simply increasing opportunities for small business contractors. If you would like to be active with us, please contact our support team. We will be happy to help you get connected, post news and opportunities, and get connected to our education and outreach meetings/events.

Regional Leadership Opportunities

The National Association of Small Business Contractors is forming regional councils. Through these councils, the NASBC will increase regional presence, increase access to regional contracting opportunities, build access to regional business resources, and build a strong community voice for America's small business contractors.  If you would like to be a regional leader for the National Association of Small Business Contractors, please contact us

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